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3 risks for motorcycle riders

As a motorcycle rider, you are likely well aware of the many risks you face every time you hit the road. Safety is particularly important for motorcyclists because they are more exposed to the hazards of the road, especially on busy, multiple-lane freeways.

Here are three of the top risks for motorcyclists, along with tips about how to help mitigate these risks. By following a few simple precautions, you can protect yourself from some of the most hazardous conditions on the road.

1. Motorists do not see you

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said motorcyclists died in crashes 26 times more frequently than occupants of passenger cars, per vehicle mile traveled, in 2013. One of the most common reasons that motorcyclists get into accidents is because drivers of cars and trucks do not see motorcyclists. There are many blind spots that a motorcyclist must make sure to avoid when it comes to riding near cars and trucks, especially on fast freeways where vehicles make frequent lane changes. Avoiding driving in blind spots and wearing high-visibility clothing can help other drivers see you on your motorcycle.

2. Lack of protection can lead to injury

Motorcyclists are exposed to the elements and have a lot less physical protection from their vehicle than car and truck drivers. This exposure can lead to serious injury when a crash occurs. You can protect yourself by always wearing the basic required gear, such as a helmet and protective clothing. In addition, learn how to drive in inclement weather such as rain, snow and ice in case you find yourself unexpectedly facing these conditions while you are out on a ride.

3. Turns at intersections 

Intersections are notoriously dangerous for motorcyclists. Car and truck drivers may make turns in front of motorcyclists, cutting them off and raising the risk for a collision. It is especially important to take extra precautions when crossing an intersection on your motorcycle to minimize the chance of a dangerous crash.

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