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Hazardous materials in the workplace

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

Georgia employers should make sure to educate their employees about the basic safety rules for handling hazardous materials in the workplace. Employees could be informed about the rules during a regularly scheduled safety meeting at work. Furthermore, workers may be encouraged to offer additional safety rules for managing hazardous materials.

Rule No. 1 should be to adhere to the workplace policies that are in place and execute their work duties in accordance with proper training. Using caution when handling hazardous materials is a must, and employees should always give close attention to the work they are performing.

Personal protective equipment is necessary for employees who have to handle or work around hazardous materials. They should be sure to closely examine their PPE before they use it as any equipment that is damaged or worn out will not provide sufficient protection.

Proper storage is another safety factor. All of the containers of hazardous materials should be properly labeled. Employees should refrain from using any materials that are not correctly labeled or stored properly. It’s important to notify supervisors immediately if there are labels that cannot be read or containers that are damaged.

The materials should only be used in the manner in which they are supposed to be used. Furthermore, it’s never wise to use any hazardous materials to clean the workplace equipment.

An attorney who practices workers’ compensation may assist clients who have been injured in the workplace due to exposure to hazardous substances. Legal counsel may advise clients of their legal options if their workers’ compensation claims have been denied or if they have been awarded insufficient benefits.


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