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Car crash risk increases with daylight saving time

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Daylight saving time could increase the risk of getting into a car crash, according to to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. As a result, Georgia motorists should use extra caution when they hit the road.

it is recommended that drivers get at least seven hours of sleep each night for optimum safety. Researchers from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety say that drivers who miss one or two of those recommended sleep hours are almost twice as likely to get into a car accident as those who get the full recommended amount. In fact, drivers who get less than five hours of sleep are just as likely to crash as a drunk driver. Further, a National Sleep Foundation study found that individuals who get less than two hours of sleep in a 24-hour period are “unfit” to drive. According to AAA, almost 30 percent of drivers admit they have engaged in drowsy driving in the last 30 days.

Unfortunately, daylight saving time makes it more difficult for people to get enough sleep. Therefore, it is important for drivers to recognize the signs of drowsiness to avoid falling asleep behind the wheel. If they are having difficulty keeping their eyes open, begin drifting from their traffic lane or can’t remember driving the last several miles, they should pull over and get some rest. According to AAA, remedies like rolling down the window, drinking coffee or singing won’t work because the body’s need for sleep is greater than the brain’s ability to stay awake.

Drowsy driving causes thousands of serious car accidents across the country every year. Victims of a drowsy driving accident could be owed compensation for current and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and other crash-related damages. They could learn more about their legal options by discussing their case with an attorney.


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