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Improving electrical safety in the workplace

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has implemented a variety of policies to improve conditions for workers, but regulators realized not enough was being done in the area of electrical safety. A new framework, known as NFPA 70E, provides a new way for workers to ensure electrical safety at the places they work. Implementing this new framework honestly could improve safety in addition to increasing efficiency.

A major cause of electrical accidents at the work site is insufficient communication about what a job requires both in terms of procedures and objectives. NFPA 70E organizes information so that it’s easier for workers to digest. By ensuring that workers are prepared for the job, they are less likely to make errors that cause accidents or require expensive repairs.

An important tool that workers can use is the job briefing and planning checklist. This guide clearly identifies objectives, points out hazards, and lists all the training and tools workers will need to complete a job safely and efficiently. Proper planning reduces the chances of rework as well as repeated supply runs to get needed materials. Thorough planning reduces the number of overall steps required to finish a project, lowering the chance of accidents.

Employees who are victims of an electrical accident at the workplace may be eligible for workers’ compensation. A lawyer might examine the circumstances of an injury for their client and recommend a legal course of action. In some cases, they may try to show that the employer did not implement the property safety policies as required by the government. Some lawyers will not require a fee for their services unless they are able to obtain compensation for their client.


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