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OSHA guidelines on pinch points

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

Pinch points are a danger that many workers in Georgia, especially those in the agricultural, construction and maritime industries, are no doubt familiar with. These refer to the area between two moving parts of machinery, between a moving part and a stationary part and between a material and a part of the machine. If workers come into contact with pinch points, they risk an injury to one of their extremities.

In fact, one Ohio tool manufacturer faced a penalty of more than $213,000 back in 2018 when OSHA discovered that it had inadequate protection against pinch points. One of the manufacturer’s employees lost part of a finger in a conveyor belt because of this failure.

Pinch points can be found in power presses, powered rollers, assembling machines, press brakes and hatches. Even powered sliding doors, including garage-type sliding doors, can pose a threat. According to OSHA guidelines, every machine with a pinch point must have a guard installed. A competent professional should install it, and it should suit the machine’s design and purpose.

In addition, workers must be trained on how to stop machinery in emergencies and when to remove guards. Regular inspections will ensure that the machine and guards are functioning properly. The area around machinery should be free of trip and slip hazards.

Even if employers do all of this and more, accidents can still happen. An employee who gets hurt on the job may want to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Victims may file for workers’ comp benefits regardless of who, if anyone, was to blame, but they may face opposition and have to mount an appeal. This is why hiring a lawyer may be wise. A lawyer may also explain the process of striving for a liability or non-liability settlement.


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