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Road construction zones are dangerous for workers

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

The dangers to construction workers who toil on the highways in Georgia have never been higher. While there are many local initiatives to improve the safety of highway workers, the number of people who are killed each year is increasing. Employers must do a better job of protecting these employees from the daily risks that they face on the job.

Road construction zones are difficult for drivers to navigate under the best of circumstances. They are often narrow and poorly demarcated, putting the construction workers within them at greater risk. Then, the risk is magnified by the fact that drivers are often not paying full attention behind the wheel of their car. Whether they are using a device to text or are otherwise distracted, the danger to the workers is increased.

While some of the fault for the higher number of fatalities can be ascribed to drivers, employers should also be taking a number of steps to protect the workers. Employers can use more barricades to safeguard the work zone and can also strengthen the barriers that they use by making the material more durable. Employers should outfit workers in brighter clothing that makes them more visible to drivers on the road. At the same time, authorities can lower the speed limits through work zones and issue more tickets for traffic violations.

Whether it is through a workers’ compensation claim or a lawsuit against a driver who was negligent, construction workers who have been injured in a work zone may be eligible for financial compensation for their injuries.

If you have been injured in a work accident, it’s important to have a work injury lawyer on your side to help you navigate what could otherwise be a complex system. An experienced attorney can file your claim and represent you to protect your interests every step of the way.


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