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Speeding and distraction are deadly driving habits

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2020 | Car Accidents |

While some of the motor vehicle accidents in Georgia and around the country involve a mechanical failure or some other unanticipated emergency, the vast majority of accidents are caused by drivers who make a mistake of some sort. Some of these drivers misjudge distances or fail to notice an approaching vehicle, but many more crash because they were speeding or distracted.

Excessive speed

A worrying number of drivers view speed limits as suggestions rather than laws that should be obeyed. Exceeding posted speed limits is a driving habit that may cut journey times down by a few minutes, but it also makes vehicles far more difficult to control in emergencies. Cars traveling at high speeds cover long distances in the time it takes for drivers to react to dangerous situations, which greatly reduces the chances of avoiding an accident. According to figures from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, about 27% of all fatal crashes involve a driver who was traveling at an unsafe speed.


Most drivers know that using mobile electronic devices on the road should be avoided, but there are many other kinds of driver distraction that are just as dangerous. Studies suggest that drivers who are angry or sad are 10 times more likely to crash, and eating while behind the wheel has been shown to increase accident risk by 80%. Even putting off a bathroom break can impair motorists as much as consuming two or three alcoholic drinks.

Remedies for accident victims

Experienced personal injury attorneys may pursue civil remedies on behalf of individuals who are injured in car accidents caused by speeding or distracted drivers. In addition to damages that cover hospital bills, property damage and pain and suffering, these lawsuits may seek compensation for the income lost by accident victims because their injuries prevented them from working and earning a paycheck.


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