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What are the common signs of traumatic brain injury?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Traumatic brain injuries can have long-lasting ramifications, and it’s very important for people who get injured to get treatment as soon as possible. Often, prompt treatment can help make recovery go much smoother.

If you know or suspect that you’ve suffered a brain injury, it’s important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible, be it the ER, Urgent Care or an occupational clinic. If the head injury happened at work, and your employer will not send you for treatment right away for whatever reason, it’s important that you seek treatment on your own right away. Then, contact an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to know what your legal rights are, and how to proceed. See our Georgia workers’ compensation FAQ to learn more.

If you have never have been through a traumatic brain injury before, you might not know what signs to look for. Some people don’t even realize that they’re injured and the situation can get much worse.

To prevent this, it’s important for you to understand exactly what signs you may face. The main one is simply losing consciousness. Even if it is for only a second or two, if you ever lose consciousness, you need to have medical professionals check for a traumatic brain injury. The longer the loss of consciousness, the worse your situation could potentially be.

Other signs that may occur

The other signs that can occur will differ from case to case. The area of the brain that got injured makes a difference, as does the severity of the brain injury itself. Here are a few examples of things that can sometimes happen to those who do have a brain injury:

  • They feel dizzy and have trouble with balance.
  • They have trouble speaking and can’t find the right words to say.
  • They have no memory of the event in which they were injured.
  • They complain about feeling nauseous or like they may vomit.
  • They have extreme sensitivity to lights and sounds.
  • They seem disoriented or dazed.
  • They complain about feeling drowsy or overly fatigued.
  • They have trouble concentrating and paying attention.
  • Over time, they begin to experience mood swings or personality changes.

Just one reason why it’s so important to recognize the signs is that going to sleep can often be a fatal mistake. Some people may feel fatigued and think they need to rest, but it can be the wrong move to make. Those who have suffered these types of severe injuries need to make sure they understand all of the legal options they have as they seek medical treatment.


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