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Restaurant jobs come with injury risks for teens

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Restaurant jobs attract a lot of high school and college students. Many work part-time throughout the year or during breaks from school. Whether they’re working as a server, a busser, a host or helping out in the kitchen, they can be at risk of any number of injuries.

Unfortunately, part-time and temporary employees often don’t get the same safety training as full-time year-round employees. That can be dangerous when someone is around hot plates, knives and spills.

The most common restaurant work injuries   

Most injuries in restaurants fall into four categories

  • Cuts and punctures   
  • Burns and scalding
  • Sprains and strains
  • Slips and falls   

These injuries can occur in fast-food locations, exclusive eateries and everything in between. 

Teens can apply for workers’ compensation

Many teens and other young people will just slap a bandage on a cut or run some cold water on a burn and keep going. Often, they think they’ll be fired or at least have their hours reduced or their responsibilities changed if they report an injury. 

In Georgia, as in other states, workers’ compensation is available to those injured in the workplace who need medical treatment and/or some time off to heal. Under Georgia law, minors, working full-time or part-time under a contract of hire, written or implied” have a right to workers’ comp.

It’s important for teens and their parents to know their rights if they’re injured at work. That includes the right to seek workers’ comp and not to suffer any type of retaliation for doing so. If your teen is having difficulty filing a claim or getting their claim approved, it may be wise to seek legal guidance. 


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