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5 things to inform your employer when reporting a work injury

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

When you suffer an injury at work, you should be careful about the moves you make. Mistakes can disadvantage you when filing a workers’ compensation claim. The first move you should make after being injured is to report the case to your employer as soon as possible. The information you provide during this stage is crucial.

Here are five things to inform your employer:

#1. What you were you doing

Your employer needs to know about your action/task and the equipment that led to the accident. You should provide adequate details on this matter.

#2. What you were wearing

It will help to tell your employer what you were wearing when the accident occurred, especially if your job requires you to have personal protective equipment (PPE). This shows you observed safety measures and were still injured.

#3. Where the accident occurred

The location of the accident is another vital detail to provide, as your employer will investigate it after you have reported.

#4. Who was around

Witnesses are crucial in workers’ compensation cases. Therefore, you should tell your employer about the people around when the accident happened to record their statements.

#5. Body parts injured

You should inform your employer about your injuries/pain. This proves you suffered injuries from the accident, and to what extent. Your employer’s insurance company may argue that your injuries are not work-related; therefore, this information is essential.

If you have multiple body parts that are injured, document them all in reports as soon as you can after an injury. Even if a body part is not seriously hurt at first, it could worsen later. Employers typically fight over paying for body parts that were not complained of when first reporting a work injury. Put anything on that initial report that you think may be hurt.

You should report verbally and in writing

You will provide the information discussed above to your employer verbally for them to write the first report of injury. Then, perhaps after getting medical care, you should submit a written report.

Reporting a work-related injury is necessary. You should also obtain more information about your case to get the compensation you deserve.   


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