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3 types of evidence that help prove fault after a Georgia wreck

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2023 | Car Accidents |

It is relatively common for people to disagree about who is to blame for a car crash. Drivers often don’t want to take personal responsibility for a wreck even if they did something that was unsafe, like driving on the wrong side of the road or speeding.

Police officers responding to a call about a car crash will have to evaluate the claims of everyone present and review other evidence to try to establish who is actually at fault for the wreck. Certain kinds of evidence can play a particularly important role in the outcome of a crash investigation in Georgia.

Video footage

There are many intersections across Georgia that have traffic cameras in use. There could be footage of the collision itself or the moments right before or after the crash captured by those cameras. There might also be nearby security cameras at businesses recording video footage that could play a role after the crash. Finally, there could potentially be dashboard cameras in one of the vehicles involved or a vehicle near those cars when the crash occurred.

Cellphone data

Mobile phone use has become an increasingly common issue that contributes to collisions in Georgia and elsewhere in the United States. Although individuals can delete specific text messages or even remove apps from their devices, the records maintained by their service providers and the app companies themselves can often help validate claims that someone used their phone in the moments leading up to a crash.

Witness statements

When there isn’t any objective evidence related to the scene of the crash or the cause of the wreck, police officers and lawyers may then turn to members of the public. Witness statements can help paint a picture of what transpired immediately before or during a crash. Although witnesses are not as reliable as video footage or other forms of objective evidence, their statements can play a major role in insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits.

It’s important to remember to get correct information from favorable witnesses to an accident. A lot of time people are a little groggy scattered and upset after they are in a serious accident.  But it’s important to stay clear-headed and get as much info from the witnesses as possible.  Do not always rely on the investigating police officer, because they get a lot of things incorrect.

If there are passengers in your vehicle who may be injured, ensure the police officer has all passengers’ names, ages and info on the report. Passengers are many times overlooked on a police report, which can make bringing a personal injury claim forward difficult for someone who is unlisted.

Gathering sufficient evidence to establish who is at fault for a crash will be of the utmost importance for those involved in a major collision in Georgia. Once fault is established, victims can generally seek compensation for those who are liable for their harm.


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