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Are motorcycles actually more dangerous than cars? 

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents |

If you’re considering buying a motorcycle, people might tell you that they’re more dangerous than driving in a car. Even with a helmet, you just don’t have that much protection on a motorcycle. Accidents can be more severe.

However, you may look at the statistics and feel a bit confused. For example, take a look at the number of fatalities in 2021. A total of 5,932 motorcyclists lost their lives in accidents. That may sound like a lot, but since there are usually around 40,000 annual traffic deaths in the United States, motorcyclists only accounted for 14% of them. The vast majority of accidents that result in fatalities do not happen on motorcycles. So why do they have this reputation for being dangerous?

The number of miles traveled

The reason is that total statistics like that do not tell the entire story. What researchers will do is look at how many fatalities happen per vehicle miles traveled. There are not nearly as many motorcycles on the road and people don’t use them as often, so they cover vastly fewer miles on an annual basis.

If you look at the rate at which motorcyclists are killed per mile driven, then you will see that it is 24 times as high as those who are in passenger vehicles. The odds of being in a fatal crash are massively higher. In fact, it’s even four times as likely that someone on a motorcycle will suffer injuries. So, in almost every crash, the risks are greater for someone on a bike.

Given the higher chances of getting seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident when driving a motorcycle when someone else is at fault, it is essential to carry a large amount of Uninsured Motorist Coverage.  Get way more than the minimum amount in Georgia of $25,000.  Every motorcycle driver should have at least $100,000 in Uninsured Motorist coverage if not more.  It may be fun and exciting to ride a motorcycle.  But it also can be dangerous.  Protect yourself from other drivers on the road- those who may not even have liability insurance or those that are Underinsured having only minimum limits of $25,000.  So be smarter than that and get at least $100,000 in UM Coverage on your motorcycle insurance policy.

Naturally, many of these accidents happen because other drivers – and not motorcyclists – make serious mistakes. If you get injured in such an accident, you need to know what legal options you have to seek compensation.


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