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How a slip-and-fall could lead to serious injuries

On Behalf of | May 22, 2024 | Slip-and-Fall Accidents |

When people discuss the types of incidents that lead to serious injuries, slip-and-falls often do not receive the respect that they should. People generally recognize that a fall from an elevation can cause serious injuries. Even a tumble down a flight of stairs or off of a ladder could be enough to put someone in the hospital.

However, a ground-level fall caused by slipping or tripping may not seem nearly as serious to the average person. Slip-and-falls are often minor incidents, but they also sometimes lead to debilitating injuries. Why could a ground-level fall put someone in the hospital and/or leave them unable to work?

When people can’t stop a fall

Particularly as adults age, their agility and strength decrease. They may not be physically capable of slowing themselves if they lose their balance because they slip or trip. Someone who cannot catch or stop themselves when they fall could potentially hit their head, which could cause a traumatic brain injury (TBI). TBIs can cause symptoms that put people in the hospital or prevent them from continuing their careers. Particularly when people fall directly backward, the force of the impact could be enough to cause a moderate to severe brain injury.

When people try to stop a fall

Attempting to slow a fall or catch oneself on the way to the floor is instinct for most people. They tend to reach out with their arms, which could lead to them breaking their arms, shoulder blades or collar bones. They might also kick their legs as they fall, which could lead to fractures in their lower extremities. Broken bones can be a serious concern, especially for older adults. Some people could break a bone in multiple different locations if they fall. Those fractures could then diminish their ability to work or generate substantial medical expenses.

If a business caused a slip-and-fall by leaving obstacles or slippery substances on the floor or failing to address unsafe premises, those affected by a slip-and-fall may have grounds for a premises liability claim and/or lawsuit. Holding a business accountable for a slip-and-fall can help people cover medical expenses, property damage losses and lost income related to the harm they’ve suffered.


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