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5 important steps if you were injured in a car accident in Georgia

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2021 | Car Accidents |

If you were injured because of another driver’s negligence, there are some important steps that you need to take to protect yourself and your right to financial compensation.

1. Call the police, and don’t be persuaded not to

You should always call the police after a car accident, especially if there is vehicle damage and an injury is involved. Don’t let the other driver persuade you not to contact police or emergency personnel. The reality is that a police report can also be used to prove the other driver’s negligence, and that is necessary for your personal injury claim to succeed.

2. Gather information and evidence at the scene, including the other driver’s insurance information

The next step is to get the other person’s identifying information. Get their name, their license plate number, their contact information and their insurance information. If your injury prevents you from gathering this information, see if you can get someone else on the scene to do it. Also, if you are able, try to take pictures of the accident scene and get the names and contact information of any witnesses. All this information can be used in your personal injury claim.

3. Get medical attention

Get medical treatment as soon as possible after a car accident. Even if your injury does not seem serious at first, it could worsen after the adrenaline rush of the crash wears off. Getting proper medical treatment is not only the right thing to do to protect your health; you will also need verifiable medical records to prove your injury claim and get the financial compensation you need for medical bills and other other expenses. For more on the types of compensation that may be available, please see our overview of motor vehicle accident claims.

4. Do not give a recorded statement to the insurance company

Insurance companies often quickly reach out to injury victims to get recorded statements. Do not speak to the other driver’s insurance company before speaking with a personal injury attorney. The insurance adjuster’s questions are designed to elicit answers that the insurance company can use against you. The insurance company is interested in minimizing or denying a financial payout to you. Don’t let the insurance company use your words against you. Let an experienced personal injury attorney handle all communications with the other driver’s insurance company.

5. Contact a personal injury attorney right away

After a serious car accident, your focus should be on your health and family. A personal injury attorney can help alleviate your burdens and pursue the maximum available compensation on your behalf. For more on what to do after a car accident in Georgia, please see our Georgia Car Crash FAQ.


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