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FAQs About Georgia Car Accidents

People struggling in the aftermath of a car accident tend to have a lot of questions and worries. We understand what you are going through, so we compiled this helpful list of frequently asked questions — our Car Accident FAQ.

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Who is at fault?

Whoever is given a citation for causing the accident is deemed to be the “at-fault” driver.

The at-fault driver’s insurance company is responsible for paying for your vehicle to be fixed, or paying you the present value of the vehicle if it is deemed a total loss. (If the cost to fix your vehicle is equal to or greater than the present value of your vehicle, then it will be considered a total loss.)

Do I need to go to the emergency room?

Only go to the emergency room after a motor vehicle accident if you are seriously injured. Hospitals will oftentimes run up very high bills for tests that ultimately may end up not being helpful to your case. When paying a settlement, the insurance company may not consider the full dollar amount of large emergency room bills if the tests done at the hospital are all negative. But you will still be responsible for paying those large hospital bills regardless of how much weight the insurance company has given them. Again, though, if you are seriously injured, do go to the emergency room.

Do I need to go to a doctor right away?

If you suffer any kind of injury in a car accident, get medical treatment sooner rather than later. Go to the emergency room if you are seriously injured. If you are injured and need medical treatment but not necessarily in an emergency room, go to a medical doctor as soon as possible. Large gaps in medical treatment after a motor vehicle accident can be fatal to your case.

Do I need a copy of the police report?

If you do not have a police report for your auto accident, we will need to request one for you. This will take approximately two weeks and may delay setting up your case. If you want to pick up a copy, it would be appreciated and will speed up the process of opening your case. You can either mail, fax or drop off the police report at our office.

What should I say to the insurance adjuster?

You may speak to the insurance adjuster about the property damage to your car. Do NOT speak to the insurance adjuster regarding your injuries or give them a statement. If the adjuster wants to take your statement, have them contact our office first.

Should I tell the insurance adjuster about my specific injuries?

Do not give details of your injuries to the insurance company. Be as general as possible. If you say one specific body part, and later on you realize that other body parts are hurting also, the insurance company may be skeptical that you are even injured at all. And that will decrease the settlement value of the entire case.

What if the other driver doesn’t have insurance, or the other driver doesn’t have enough to cover my injuries?

For more on this, please see our overview of uninsured/underinsured motorist claims. Our firm has extensive experience with these situations.

What should I say if I talk to the other driver’s insurance company?

If you talk with the at-fault driver’s insurance company before hiring an attorney, and the insurance company asks you if you were injured in the accident, even if you are only a little bit sore, say yes I was injured. Why? In a lot of accidents, people start to feel progressively worse as time goes by after the accident.

Your injuries may not be completely known when the at-fault driver’s insurance company first contacts you, and the insurance company knows that. But that is one reason they want to contact you so soon after a crash — to get you to say that your injury isn’t as bad as it really is.

What insurance should I use for medical treatment?

If you have group health insurance, medical payments coverage (Med Pay) or personal injury protection (PIP) on your auto insurance policy, Medicare or Medicaid, use your insurance to get medical treatment after a motor vehicle accident.

Can I use my group health insurance in the ER?

YES. If you do go to the emergency room after a crash, and you have group health insurance, MAKE SURE to give the information to the billing department at the hospital.

What if I don’t have money or insurance to go see a doctor for my injuries?

If you do not have the means to see a doctor, and you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, contact the Law Office of Perry Dean Ellis, P.C., right away. We will get you to a good medical doctor to treat your injuries.

Why can’t I just deal directly with the other driver’s insurance company to get my medical treatment and lost income paid?

The at-fault driver’s insurance will not just pay for your medical treatment, your outstanding medical bills as they come due, or your lost income resulting from being unable to work after being injured in an accident. However, the other driver’s insurance company will likely pay a lump sum settlement after you are finished with medical treatment. But that settlement will likely be far less than you deserve. And you will be responsible for paying for your medical bills out of that settlement amount. That is why you should let us handle and negotiate all insurance matters after a crash — so that you get the maximum available compensation.

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